Sunday, January 25, 2009

How did we end up with a cat?

We really weren't planning on a pet, not when there's a chance that we may have to move, but sometimes things come into your life whether you plan for them or not. That's how we ended up with Don Gato. Last summer, he started hanging around in the garden when we were working outside, and was always a little more friendly than the other neighboring barn cats who were making the rounds. The boys started giving him a little food, and pretty soon he was always under foot looking for attention. In the fall he stayed on the porch in a covered box, but when it got really cold in the winter he moved back into the barn. Mid-December, my eldest decided he couldn't wait for springtime to have his kitty back. With below zero wind chills, he hikes over to the neighbors to retrieve the cat. A month later, we still have an extremely playful seemingly permanent addition to the family.
I have to admit, he's pretty entertaining...

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