Monday, February 2, 2009

Feels Just Like the Whitehouse

I was feeling very presidential the last couple of days as outside temperatures in the 20’s and abundant sunshine boosted the temperature above 70F throughout the entire house. Now, while this is not hot enough to grow orchids, it is significantly warmer than we’ve kept the house for the last couple of months (67 during the day, 64 at night, sometimes colder). With utility rates continuing to climb up, up, up and temperatures dropping down, down, down, it only makes sense to keep the house a little cooler and bundle up. At least, I guess this makes sense, unless you’re the president and can use my tax dollars to heat the Whitehouse up nice and steamy so you can hang out in your shirtsleeves. Don’t get me wrong, I think they should be comfortable enough to get work done, but it strikes me as very wrong when veterans who have served our country are freezing to death because they’ve had their power cut off while our country’s leadership squanders heat.

The Anchoress has a good rant on this on her site: Turn up the heat: Yes we can! - UPDATED

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