Saturday, February 21, 2009

We're going down, down, down...


So far in his month-old presidency:

Congress passed and Obama signed into law a record $787 billion mix of tax cuts, job-creating projects and aid to struggling states.

The president pledged up to $275 billion in federal aid to help stem a tidal wave of home foreclosures.

The Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve announced financial-rescue steps that could send up to $2 trillion coursing through the economy.

In all, the plans would raise the federal portion of the U.S. economy to some 31 percent, more than twice the level after eight years of FDR's historic New Deal spending.

Joblessness keeps rising. Consumers and businesses are cutting back. Bank lending remains down. And auto demand keeps falling, with two Detroit automakers saying this week that they may need up to $21.6 billion more in U.S. loans beyond what they received in January.

We may be going down, but I won't go without a fight. I will keep sending letters to my representatives in Congress, urging them to stop this lunacy. I will keep looking for new leadership, for innovation, for real understanding. I will do what I can to support my community and my friends and family, because in the end all we can really count on is each other. I will continue to share my views (at least, until/unless I am stifled by the Obama gestapo). I will applaud achievements in science and technology, and celebrate hard work well done.

The Anchoress recently blogged about giving more in hard times. Good show! Helping others takes your mind off your own troubles, and even a little can go a long way. Buy local when you can - that money helps to keep your community alive.

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