Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Global Warming Stupidity

Get ready to dig a little deeper into your wallet. From Cap-and-Trade: All Cost, No Benefit in the Washington Post:

The Obama administration and congressional Democrats have proposed a major cap-and-trade system aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Scientists agree that CO2 emissions around the world could lead to rising temperatures with serious long-term environmental consequences. But that is not a reason to enact a U.S. cap-and-trade system until there is a global agreement on CO2 reduction. The proposed legislation would have a trivially small effect on global warming while imposing substantial costs on all American households. And to get political support in key states, the legislation would abandon the auctioning of permits in favor of giving permits to selected corporations.

The leading legislative proposal, the Waxman-Markey bill that was recently passed out of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, would reduce allowable CO2 emissions to 83 percent of the 2005 level by 2020, then gradually decrease the amount further. Under the cap-and-trade system, the federal government would limit the total volume of CO2 that U.S. companies can emit each year and would issue permits that companies would be required to have for each ton of CO2 emitted. Once issued, these permits would be tradable and could be bought and sold, establishing a market price reflecting the targeted CO2 reduction, with a tougher CO2 standard and fewer available permits leading to higher prices.

If we take a look at Moonbattery.com, we note:
Not even Henry Waxman, the left-wing freak who has been ramming this act of economic sabotage through the Energy and Commerce Committee he chairs, is familiar with its contents.
Visit the Moonbattery post to see an assortment of lovely YouTube videos highlighting this idiocy.

Why, WHY isn't anyone in power standing up and saying "WAIT JUST A MINUTE!" Before we run this country into the ground,let's look at the basic science.

Skeptic's Corner has an excellent post title Spit and Pie Charts that compares the different graphs used by the global warming alarmists to the reality of the world we live in. The first chart is similar to those used by the alarmists (like the Goracle, showing how carbon dioxide makes up 76% of greenhouse gases, including the gases methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorocarbons. Oh my, that carbon dioxide must be really evil!

Chart two steps back a bit. We see that only about 5% of that original CO2 is (so called) manmade....hmmm...

My favorites are saved for last. What's the "most nastiest" greenhouse gas of them all? WATER - H2O - AGUA! 95% - ninety-five percent of the greenhouse effect on our planet is caused by plain old water. Human activities contribute only 0.28%. It almost makes you want to go out and buy a Humvee.

Finally, he looks at exactly what gases make up our atmosphere.

This is the make up of our Earth's atmosphere. Nitrogen, Oxygen and that tiny sliver of Argon. Where is carbon dioxide and methane and all that other stuff? They are too small to be represented in a pie chart, that is why they are called trace gasses.

How small amount of carbon dioxide is there in our atmosphere? Imagine the above graph represents 100,000 dots, so nitrogen would be 78,000 dots, oxygen would be 21,000 dots, Argon would be 1,000 dots and carbon dioxide would be currently about 39 dots. Or as Roy Spencer puts it:

"As of 2009, there are only 38 or 39 molecules of CO2 for every 100,000 molecules of atmosphere, and it will take mankind’s CO2 emissions another five years to raise that total by 1 molecule, to 40 out of every 100,000 molecules.....Yes, we might double the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere by late in this century…but 2 times a very small number is still a very small number."

It is not like that tiny amount of carbon dioxide is not important, life would come to a screeching halt without it. As that heretic Freeman Dyson pointed out:

"The fundamental reason why carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is critically important to biology is that there is so little of it. A field of corn growing in full sunlight in the middle of the day uses up all the carbon dioxide within a meter of the ground in about five minutes. If the air were not constantly stirred by convection currents and winds, the corn would stop growing."

But I still like Reid's

"You can go outside and spit and have the same effect as doubling carbon dioxide".

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