Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Government Health Care - Not So Sure

Heck, I knew long ago that government run health care is a REALLY bad idea, but this is a nice illustration. Take a peek around the med schools. People are talking about switching careers rather than becoming doctors or nurses, should this monstrosity pass. Costs will go up, choices will go down. Take a look at the CATO Institute's article "WHO's Fooling Who? The World Health Organization's Problematic Ranking of Health Care Systems" I like that we have options, and that I don't have to wait months for treatment, and that my mom stills gets treated even though she's old.

Since when has the government been efficient and effective at running anything? Think DMV and Veteran's Hospitals. This is not good. They can't even buy ham and cheese at a reasonable price.

I am hoping and praying that congress comes to its senses and averts this fiasco (and contacting my representatives). What a mess.

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